Creating Brand Personalities

Surfline Design is driven by discovering personalities for brands, products and organizations. Combining Illustration, type and photography we create the right first and long lasting impression. We can than support your new personality with engaging interactive and promotional material to create the ideal user experience.

Scott Nagle

Creative Director

Art Balzotti


Founder & Creative Director

Hey I'm Scott

I am a Design Perfectionist and I enjoy creating brand personalities.

I challenge myself to provide an increasingly better and unique product with each project I take on.

I have given insight, collateral and direction to a wide variety of clients and start-ups, providing me with a diversity of solutions and aesthetics.

Driven by designing clothing and discovering personalities.I enjoy the Outdoors and Beach Volleyball.

I studied Graphic Design @ Roger Williams University.

Please feel free to Contact Me
(508) 364-5797

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